Powered by Google Chromecast™

Over 2,000 applications available

Compatible with Android and iOS

ArantiaCast is the perfect professional streaming solution for hotel entertainment. With ArantiaCast, your guests will be able to cast content from their own mobile device, as well as play their favorite content on the TV in their room in an easy, secure, uninterrupted manner.

With ArantiaCast, we offer content streaming both in the hotel television and at home.

It allows remote monitoring for the installed devices

Guests will only be able to stream to the TV on their room

Secure system that ensures the privacy of the guests

It allows automatic disconnection from the mobile device at the checkout moment, whether in PMS environments or not

It includes the option to customize the welcome screen and the access web address to promote the branding of the establishment

It provides detailed information on user accesses through a comprehensive usage reporting section

Your guests can share their favourite content from a personal device to the TV in three easy steps:


CONNECTION to the WiFi network: Hotel-WiFi


SCAN a QR code or GO to and introduce the pertinent code


PRESS the casting button on their mobile and READY!

Plus, thanks to the new generation of Google Chromecast™, Netflix® and Apple TV® can be executed directly on the TV for an even more intuitive experience.

arantiacast Chromecast

Download our brochure now, where you can find useful information about the solution, how it works, and how it can benefit both your hotel and your guests’ stay.


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