Seamlessly bring your favourite contents in your mobile device to the big screen

ArantiaCast solution allows to share content from more than 2,000 APPs!

Compatible with Android and iOS

Our professional casting ArantiaCast system, is specifically designed to operate in Hospitality type environments where several users coexist, and where ensure the guests privacy is a key responsibility to the hotel.

With ArantiaCast, we offer content streaming both in the hotel television and at home.

It allows remote monitoring for the installed devices

Guests will only be able to stream to the TV on their room

Secure system that ensures the privacy of the guests without needing to log in or registering any personal information

It allows automatic disconnection from the mobile device at the checkout moment, whether in PMS environments or not

It includes the option to customize the welcome screen and the access web address to promote the branding of the establishment

It provides detailed information on user accesses through a comprehensive usage reporting section

The link between the mobile device and the room Chromecast is carried out in a <b>quick and simple</b> way.

The link between the mobile device and the room Chromecast is carried out in a quick and simple way.

Discrete installation that does not collide with any aesthetic or functional aspect of the room, since it just needs integration with the existing WiFi network in the establishment.

Besides, it allows remotely monitoring the network, generating an important added value to the hotel.

Now, your guests can share their favourite content from a personal device to the TV in three easy steps:


CONNECTION to the WiFi network: Hotel-WiFi


SCAN a QR code or GO to and introduce the pertinent code


PRESS the casting button on their mobile and READY!